Research Projects

Electronic properties of quantum materials

Our research focuses on both fundamental studies, and technological applications of solid state devices at the meso- and nano-scale. General areas of study include electron transport in degenerate many body systems where strong interactions lead to new states of matter and novel electronic behaviour resulting from new device archictectures. Systems that we study include layered materials such as graphene and related heterostructures, transition metal dichalcogenides, and topological insulators as well as more conventional 2D electron systems such as III-V semiconductors. We probe these systems by combining transport studies with a variety of experimental knobs such as applied magnetic and electrostatic fields, variable tempeartures from ambient down to miliKelvin, high vacuum, spatial confinement down to the nano-scale, variable charge carrier densities, and unconventional NMR techniques.

Orbital Magnetism

Next generation quantum materials

Using pioneering techniques to fabricate layered heterostructures we explore both fundamental physics and novel device applications resulting from the interplay between structural form at the nano-scale and electron behaviour. Presently our efforts focus on hexagonal crystalline materials that can be exfoliated down to single atomic layers. We then build up layered heterostrucutres by successive lamination of these 2D sheets in combination with state of the art nanofabrication processes.